Senior Photos

2023 Senior Photos

All photos are due Friday, October 7, 2022 by 4pm.


2023 Yearbook Senior Photo Requirements:

  • All photos must be in full color – No black and white, selected color, sepia, or brown-tone.
  • Head and shoulder shots only – The yearbook staff is able to crop full body photos to fit this specification, however, cropping your photo will reduce it’s quality. (PLEASE do not send in a cropped version of your photo. Send us the full photo and we will crop it for you if are not submitting a fully body photo.)
  • Plain backgrounds – Dark or solid color backgrounds look best. However, outdoor backgrounds are acceptable.
  • No props! – No pictures with sports accessories, cars, pets, or any other props will be accepted. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • No hats, bandanas, etc.
  • No screenshots – It lowers the quality of the photo significantly
  • Submitted photos should be wallet size or larger We can make your picture smaller if needed, but we can’t expand the photo without losing quality. 

Digital photos – Digital submissions reproduce with the highest quality. Professionally printed photographs also are accepted – photos printed on home printers do not reproduce well in the yearbook.

Please make sure your photo is a high enough quality for publication. If you wish to submit a digital photograph via email, send it to CDs can be sent to the address below. MAKE SURE YOUR FILE IS NAMED YOUR LAST NAME, THEN YOUR FIRST.


recommended Photographers

The following are recommended photographers for the Buffalo High School Yearbook. They have a history of submitting high-quality portraits on deadline.

Zahler Photography   

112 Central Ave E | St. Michael, MN 55376

(763) 497-2603 |

Zahlers is our preferred senior

picture photographer

Nina Francine Photography

Lunderby Photography

3642 Gabler Ave SE | Buffalo, MN 55313

(763) 477-5388 |

Linda’s Photography

220 River St. N. | Delano, MN 55328

(763) 972-6611 |

David’s Photography

113 Locust St | PO Box 129 | Monticello, MN 55362

(763) 295-4024 |

Sole Exposures

9 Central Avenue | Buffalo, MN 55313

(612) 708-0203 |

Jacki V. Photography 

Albertville, MN | (612) 310-1486 |

Julie Kiernan Photography

PO Box 647 | Buffalo, MN 55313

(952) 818-9100 |

Chad Schmidt | E.B. Photography

(763) 443-1006 |

Emily Theisen Photography 

(763) 442-5340 |